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Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience working with us. Still like more info? Any of these past clients will be happy to talk to you directly about their experience with us. We are proud of our track record and the friendships it has created.

“The first question you should ask a real estate agent before doing your short sale is ‘are you Scott Fuller?'”
— Shawna S.

“I found Scott to be an honest and straightforward person in his approach to his work and knowledge of the short-sale option. Scott quickly proved to be a viable and trusted expert as he clearly explained the process in our initial meeting. Perhaps his most impressive and critical job that he handled with ease was his ability to hide the stress from me and my family while we went through the short-selling process. I would recommend him without reservation to any prospective seller, whether they are short-selling or selling conventionally. ”
— Dan M.

“For me, the short sale process was a success. Thanks to Scott, he made it very simple. I was in the process of foreclosing on my home because I couldn’t get approved for a modification. Then one day I got a letter in the mail from Scott, which said he could possibly help me save my home. We spoke several times before actually meeting at my home, where he viewed the property and also gave me options in order to prevent the foreclosure. From there he collected some information from me, and he proceeded with the short sale. In no time he called me with several offers. In 2 months the place was sold. I would highly recommend anyone who may be in jeopardy of losing their home, to go this route. ”
— Nikkole S.

“Scott Fuller was referred to me by a mutual friend to help me sell my town house in San Ramon. He was friendly, courteous, and professional. He was able to get my town house listed immediately and we got our first offer within two days of the listing. I would highly recommend Scott to anybody in the area who needs a good agent.”
— Julie L.

“My husband and I thank you for your assistance in our short sale transaction in Vallejo Ca. We appreciate your outstanding professionalism and responsive customer service, during the process. We were extremely pleased with your ability to facilitate a seamless transaction, under a short suspense. We commend your business acumen and fortitude, during the transaction as well. ”
— Diana Evans, Esq

“Hello Scott, you sold my condo in Concord, CA .My experience with you short selling was enjoyable, you kept the commmunication open, right to the point with the paperwork, everything went smoothly. Thank you again. ”
— Cecelia W.

“Scott and his team are awesome!  I had no idea of what to do with my underwater condo or what options I qualified for and desperately needed guidance.  After doing a quick search and reading a few positive reviews, I left a message with Scott’s office.  He called me back within a matter of hours and put me at ease as he patiently answered all my questions and concerns.  His follow-up was very thorough and Stacy McGill was especially helpful and extremely responsive.  I was very impressed and pleased with the frequent updates they would provide on my status and made the short sale process as easy and stress-free as possible.”
— Tiannah G.

“I was referred to Scott and his team by a friend who also had just recently completed a short sale.  A bit terrified by the process I called Scott and I am so glad I did.  He and his team did an outstanding job.  Fortunately finding a buyer for my [former] house in Walnut Creek was a piece of cake.  However, I honestly think that getting approvals for the short sale from two banks (primary and secondary loans) would not have happened, and in a such a short time (three months), hadn’t it been for the splendid team of people that worked on my case.  All the people I worked with were on top of things all the time and made the process as painless as possible.  Even the realtor of the buyers once told me “your realtor and his team are great, it is quite amazing that they got approvals from two banks so quickly”.
So thank you, Scott and Stacy and everyone else involved, for helping me successfully close the short sale of my house, I am certain it would not have been so easy and smooth and ultimately successful, without your knowledge, experience and patience (with me, too).  I would recommend your service without hesitation to anyone that, unfortunately, will need to do a short sale. You’ll be in excellent hands.”
— Linda M.

“Scott Fuller and Stacy McGill-what a competent team and a breath of fresh air!  After trying for over 5 years and many different avenues to get my Martinez home refinanced, I was advised to let it go into foreclosure.  I started down that path but decided on trying for a short sale after I met with Realtor Scott Fuller.  I was in a very dark place but felt that Scott’s straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is professionalism was what I needed to get the job done and indeed it was.  Scott and Stacy have a system, business knowledge and kindness that is hard to beat. Whatever questions I had-they answered.  I never had to call to find out where we were in the process-I was kept constantly in the loop but also protected from the flotsam that makes one of the toughest decisions in your life even worse. I seriously wish I had met them years ago-it would have saved so much hardship and grief.  Thanks so much for helping me end a very bad period in my life-I happily recommend you to anyone I meet looking to short sale their property.”
— Lisa R.

“I am so thankful that I found the East Bay Short Sale Group to help me with the short sale of my home in Martinez.  They really took what understandably is a stressful situation and made it as painless as possible. From the moment I called Scott and his team, I could feel the wieght of anxiety being lifted from my shoulders.  They are professional and efficient and took care to explain the whole process to me and what I should expect during the short sale.  They really put me at ease and were patient in answering all of my questions.
If you are looking for a real estate agent to help you with your short sale, I really cannot recommend Scott highly enough.”
— Dan B.

“In 5 years my condo lost more than $200,000 in equity.  All of my neighbors were jumping ship and letting their places go into foreclosure.  I made up my mind to let my condo go too.  I just gave up…  I received a flyer in the mail letting me know I shouldn’t give up and help was out there.  I needed to be proactive, so I called to see what was up.  I met with Scott and within 4 days of my condo going on the market, had an offer.  Scott (and Stacy) helped me through the short sale process.  They kept me posted on everything.  They answered every question.  The made the process so easy.  The banks held up the process, but we closed a couple months later and I couldn’t be happier.”
— Tamani M.

“I was lucky.  I called Scott out of the blue.  I became a believer really fast.  He sold our house in less than a month but it took many more months to close because of Chase.  Every time Chase wanted something Scott and his team would let me know and we would encounter more and more delays from Chase.   But through it all Scott and his team were always our advocate in the most professional way possible.  I would recommend Scott and his team to anyone needing help with a short sale or any other real estate need.”
— Mark S.

“I did a lot of research before choosing Scott and I am so glad that I made the right choice.  I had to go through a short sale on my home and had so many other things going on with my life at that time that I literally left everything up to Scott.  We had several offers only days after putting the house on the market. Scott and his team were on top of everything the whole time and I would highly recommend them to anyone going through the trauma of having to do a short sale.”
— Kathleen B.

“Scott and his team made my shortsale as painless as possible.  He is very patient and his staff  (especially Stacy) are professional and very efficient. I am very thankful for all their help to make my shortsale quick and easy! Scott and his team took a complicated puzzle off of my hands and only returned it to me when the puzzle was solved and complete and ready to be signed! I highly recommend him and his team! His slogan is true! ‘WE KNOW REAL ESTATE, GET TO KNOW US’. Thank you, Scott!”
— Chella F.

“My husband and I called Scott at the East Bay Short Sale Group to help us with a short sale for our condo.  I did internet searches and was debating between Scott and another realtor and ultimately felt more comfortable with Scott.  I am SO glad I made that decision. Another friend of mine chose the other realtor, and our condo closed QUICKLY (for a short sale), the process smooth and flawless. My friend – not so lucky.  Scott and his team were professional, responsive and knew how to get the short sale completed.  I am so thankful for his help and would highly recommend him to anybody thinking of selling their home.  I think it takes experience and knowledge to efficiently handle a short sale, and believe me, Scott is the real estate agent to call!!”
— Kelly M.

“Scott Fuller and Stacy McGill are an awesome team. We had a meeting with Scott and he explained how the Short sale process worked and was up front with us about what we should expect. There was a first and a second both through different banks which we thought would take forever. We talked to Scott and his team in February and the house was sold by April 24th. We really didn’t have to lift a finger except to get the paperwork together. Scott and Stacy did it all. We were very thankful and impressed with how easy they made this process.”
— Jill B.

“If you are looking for an agent to help you with your short sale, don’t even think twice.  Scott and his team have tremendous experience with this process and we were very fortunate to come across East Bay Short Sale Group.  Scott and his team are highly professional and very knowledgeable and really know how to handle the process very well.”
— Raj L.

“We would highly recommend the Fuller Group, if you are considering a Short Sale in the Bay Area.  Scott Fuller, Broker Associate, did an incredible job getting our home sold within the first week, and closed in escrow within a three month period. He was wonderful to work with, explained every step along the way, answered our many questions and returned phone calls quickly. Scott Fuller is a true professional, as are his team, Stacy and Jami. Thanks Fuller Group, for a job that far exceeded our expectations.”
— Jo Ann B.

“Scott and his team has handled our short sale really well. From the beginning, Scott was very thorough, provided enough details and answered numerous questions along the way. He & his team has always been responsive, professional and customer focused to get our short sale complete within 3 months!”
— Krish S.