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Short Sale Houses in Concord

Concord CA Short Sale Closed With a Wells Fargo 1st Loan

We wanted to let you know of a Concord CA short sale home that we just closed. This was a Concord CA short sale located at 3881 Landana Court, located on a quaint and quiet cul-de-sac. This property was a three bedroom, two bath, 1,568 square feet. It had a Wells Fargo first mortgage on it. Wells Fargo short sales typically take 1-2 months to approve and average 3 months to close. A lot of this has to do with who the investor of the loan is and how long it takes them to issue their final approval for the short sale. They use the Equator short sale processing platform which we have years of experience dealing with.

Able to get the buyer into the property, get him into escrow, and be able to get the seller out and sold without any tax implications and without any type of repercussions from debt collectors or anything like that from Wells Fargo. So, again, real proud to have taken care of this short sale for these sellers. If you have any questions, if you live in Concord or Walnut Creek or any of the surrounding areas and you’re looking to do a short sale yourself, let us know.

We’d be happy to help, and give you a free consultation, so feel free to contact us. Help you out with your Concord CA short sale or whatever else we can help you out with. Worked with every major lender out there for short sales including Wells Fargo for this Concord CA short sale. We’ve got a lot of great experience.


Concord CA short sale closed, 3881 Landana Ct.

Concord CA short sale closed, 3881 Landana Ct.

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