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San Leandro Home For Sale Just Sold, Located At 16075 Carolyn St. In San Leandro

We are excited to have just closed another San Leandro home in the San Leandro Hills. This one located in San Leandro at 16075 Carolyn St, not far from I-580.

This San Leandro single family residence is a smaller home, built in 1947. It’s a two-bedroom, one-bath 1,233 square feet. What the previous owners had done is they had built out the garage into a living space which is not included in the 1,233 square-feet assessment by the county tax recorder’s office. So, it’s actually much more than 1,233 square feet. This is the type of a situation where the San Leandro seller initially thought that he was going to be in a short sale situation. And so, he initially had planned for that, but the market started to improve over 2013 and we were able to get the seller more money then they had anticipated from the sale, thus making it a regular sale property. What we found is that as the offers came in, they were a little bit higher and we were able to get a situation where he was able to about break even on the property which was certainly a relief to him because it put him outside of having to do a short sale-type of a situation. So, a lot of people, if they are considering doing a short sale or are not sure about what their home’s value actually is, are coming to find out that maybe they’re a little bit closer to a break-even point or possibly even a little bit ahead than they originally had thought.

If you are thinking about needing to sell or would like to sell, but not sure what you owe on it or would exceed the current market value, let us do a comparative market analysis to find out how much is owed on the property and to find out what your financial situation would be on a potential sale. No-cost consultation and certainly no commitment on your end. Just get some information on what your situation might look like, we’d be happy to help. To do that visit our website or call us at 925-567-6720.


San Leandro Home For Sale Just Sold | 16075 Carolyn St. San Leandro

San Leandro Home For Sale Just Sold | 16075 Carolyn St. San Leandro


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