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Pittsburg CA Short Sale SOLD, Enterprise Cir Gated Community

Pittsburg CA short sale property listed for $225,000, and within probably in just a matter of a couple of days, we had probably 6 or 7 offers at and above list price. We were able to get this into escrow very quickly. This property was a single-family residence; 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,279 square feet. This Pittsburg CA short sale is in the newer area of Pittsburgh, real nice gated community. This property itself was built in 2004. We’ve actually sold a couple of similar properties along this street, in Enterprise Circle. It’s a very popular place for people to buy property right now.

On this one, it was a short sale with First American, or with American Home Mortgage as the first lender. Actually, they changed over servicers to a different servicer halfway through the transaction but we were able to keep the deal together. Actually, we were able to get the seller of this Pittsburg CA short sale $3,000 cash at close of escrow as part of a relocation assistance program that her lender had paid to her. We were able to negotiate not only the short sale approval for her; we’re also to get her some cash at close.

If you have any questions about how the Pittsburg CA short sale process works, if you’re not sure if you might qualify for it, you’re not sure if your lender participates in it. We service every city in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. We’re happy to have a free consultation about how the short sale process might work for you, and also, what you can expect as far as timeframes and paperwork to be submitted, that sort of thing. For more information on the services that we provide, you can reach us on our website, East Bay Short Sale Group

Pittsburg CA Short Sale SOLD | Enterprise Cir Gated Community

Pittsburg CA Short Sale SOLD | Enterprise Cir Gated Community

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Pittsburg CA Short Sale Alert For Bank of America Homeowners

Your Pittsburg CA short sale specialists have some information for homeowners who may have a Bank of America loan. Just wanted to let you know of a quick short sale update from Bank of America. If you have a loan with Bank of America and you’re thinking about doing a short sale, this is some information that does apply to you whether or not you have a Pittsburg CA short sale home.

A lot of times when we have a short sale that has been submitted with all of the seller financials to Bank of America to be reviewed for a short sale, and for some reason, if the buyer happens to back out, sometimes that happens, whether they lose their job, whether their plans change, something like that happens. If we lose the buyer, it used to be that we would have to start the whole short sale process completely over. Meaning, it gets assigned to a new negotiator over at Bank of America, as well as we have to resubmit all the seller financials, because by that time, most of them have probably expired. So you could be 45 days into the process, almost there, getting an approval from the lender, from Bank of America, and all of a sudden the buyer backs out. This scenario can have a very negative impact on Pittsburg CA short sale homeowners.

Bank of America has a new program with their short sales, where if the buyer happens to back out, if we have an offer within five business days of the buyer backing out, then we can resubmit that to Bank of America, but we don’t have to start the whole short sale process over again. Most of the items that they have, they’ll say, “Okay, this is fine. We’ve got everything that we need. Just send us the new offer. We’ll go ahead and review that without starting over.”

So that can pretty much take a lot of the stress out of the program, so we commend Bank of America on finally doing this, it allows us to have some back up offers without starting the process completely over. So, again, if you live in Pittsburgh, Bay Point, Antioch, if you’re looking to do a short sale, it doesn’t really matter, anywhere in the East Bay, and with every lender, we’ve pretty much worked with them all, so we’re happy to help you out with that. So let us know how we can help on our website.


Pittsburg CA Short Sale Advisory For Bank of America homeowners

Pittsburg CA Short Sale Advisory For Bank of America homeowners

If you would like to learn more about our services, properties for sale including Pittsburg short sale homes for sale, visit our YouTube Channel!

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Pittsburg Short Sale Closed!

November 9, 2011

Pittsburg short sale, just closed! Perched high atop the hills of Pittsburg, some of the best views around! Views of the Delta and area hills, end of cul-de-sac, secluded lot with no rear neighbor and only 1 side neighbor. Close to BART and Freeway. Granite kitchen, custom window coverings, more. This home had a lot more »

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