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Danville Short Sale: Short Sale Lender Giving Incentives to Sellers

by Scott Fuller on October 31, 2012
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Hi, everybody. Scott Fuller with the East Bay Short Sale Group. We are your Danville, California, short sale specialist. I had a couple of questions from people recently on what type of incentives that some of the lenders are starting to offer for people who successfully close a short sale. When I say incentives, I mean incentives from the bank that’s actually given to the seller at the close of escrow.
In the last few months, we’ve actually had Bank of America and Chase Banks both up their incentive antes to sellers from anywhere from $3,000 all the way up to $30,000. So, a lot of it depends on if you qualify, there’s quite a few criteria for qualifying, but we’re finding recently, especially with Bank of America, let’s say probably 60%, 65% of people are starting to receive relocation assistance anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 to $20,000.
So, if you’ve thought about doing a short sale, contact us. Again, we are the Danville short sales specialists. We understand how to work with these banks, understand how to get you the most out of the house and get you on with the short sale. So, please visit us for more information. Keep in mind our consultation is at no cost. And, our services are no cost because your lender will pay our commissions as well as all of your normal closing costs. So, feel free to contact us. Appreciate your time. Have a great day.

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