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San Ramon Short Sale – Bank of America Short Sale

by Scott Fuller on November 20, 2012
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Hi, everybody, Scott Fuller with the East Bay Short Sale Group. We are your San Ramon short sale realtors. Appreciate your time today. Wanted to talk a little bit about some of the financial incentives that Bank of America is providing to its customers who successfully close a short sale. Right now they have a couple of different programs.

They have what they call the cooperative short sale program. If you close with that cooperative short sale program through Bank of America, it will pay you $2,500 at close of escrow. If you go through the HAFA program, which is a government sponsored short sale program, you could receive $3,000 up to $30,000. There’s quite a few different criteria that Bank of America looks at before they qualify for that, but you can actually get pre-approved to receive this money. What you want to do first is contact a realtor, such as ourselves at East Bay Short Sale Group, fill out some paperwork and get everything started with Bank of America. Let them know that we’re representing you on the sale of the property, and they’ll let you know after a week or two how much you’re able to receive in relocation assistance. Again, we are your San Ramon short sale realtors. If you have any questions, contact us,

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