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Pleasanton Short Sale Statistics

by Scott Fuller on November 7, 2011
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Pleasanton Short Sale

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Pleasanton short sale properties are still coming on the market strong with the potential to offer the patient buyer a big discount on price. At East Bay Short Sale Group, we specialize in helping homeowners in Pleasanton successfully close a short sale listing, and help homebuyers in Pleasanton get a great deal on a short sale purchase. Short sales can take a while to get approved, but the benefit of waiting this out from a buyer’s perspective is the opportunity to get a great deal, sometimes as much as 30% discount off of market value! The length of time it takes to get a short sale approved depends on who the servicer is and how busy that negotiator is with files. But it can range from 2 weeks on the short end (think Wachovia), to up to several months (think Chase) to get a final approval from the investor (the actual owner of the loan).

Relating to Pleasanton short sales specifically, we are seeing homes in all price ranges going into default (where the owner stops making payments), not just in a particular price range or area. From condos to townhomes, to multimillion dollar homes in Ruby Hill, Pleasanton short sale homes have a wide selection available. So here is some of the data from the MLS regarding Pleasanton short sale properties:
There are currently 42 active short sale properties listed on the market. Those range from being on the market from 3-468 days (yes, over a year! ). The price range of these homes is betwen $99,ooo-$1,599,000. So you can certainly see the variety of homes available as short sales.
There are currently 76 pending short sale properties. These are homes that are in contract, and are very likely pending the lender approval from the seller’s lender. The price range of these pending homes is $117,950-$2,399,000. The later of course being a
Ruby Hill short sale.
There have been 97 Pleasanton short sale properties sold year-to-date in 2011, ranging from being on the market from 0-376 days, and sold prices ranging from $149,000-$3,450,000. The latter again being a Ruby Hill short sale home.

We expect the number of Pleasanton short sale properties to remain steady over the next several years which can provide some great opportunities for buyers, as well as opportunities for sellers to sell their home and avoid foreclosure. If you have any questions regarding the sale or purchase of short sale properties in Pleasanton, or anywhere in the East Bay, please contact East Bay Short Sale Group! We are your Pleasanton short sale specialists!

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