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Orinda CA Short Sale- Housing Market Snapshot October 2012

by Scott Fuller on November 22, 2012
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Hi, everybody. Scott Fuller from East Bay Short Sale Group. We are your Orinda, California, short sale specialists. Wanted to talk a little bit about some market statistics that we just received for October. The number of new listings in Orinda last year, last October, was 19. The number of new listings this October was actually 17. The number of listings has gone down 10% from last year to this year. The median sales price has increased 15% from last year to this year. Last year in October, the median sales price in Orinda was $920,000. That’s gone up to about a million 50. Again, that doesn’t mean that home prices have increased 15%. It just means that the average price of a home sold was higher. Higher priced homes sold this year than they did last year.

The total inventory from homes for sale in Orinda last October was 62 homes for sale. This October, there’s only 37 homes for sale. That’s a decrease of about 40%. We are seeing a lot of areas, including Orinda, where there’s a lot of buyers but there’s not a lot of inventory. We are starting to see prices creep up a little bit. Thus, the inventory levels are down, year over year. If you have any questions on what your home might be valued at, what it might fetch in the open market, or if you have any questions about the short sale process, you  live in Orinda, any of the surrounding areas, contact us for a free consultation, That’s

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