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Castro Valley Short Sale Specialists Close 50+ Short Sales in 2012

by Scott Fuller on January 9, 2013
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Castro Valley Short Sale Specialists

Castro Valley Short Sale Specialists

The Castro Valley short sale specialists of East Bay Short Sale Group are excited to announce they have closed over 50 short sales for Contra Costa and Alameda county homeowners in 2012.

“It’s been a very productive year for bank-approved short sales in the San Francisco East Bay” says Castro Valley short sale specialist and Certified Distressed Property Expert Scott R. Fuller of East Bay Short Sale Group. “We have had the privilege of helping over 50 homeowners in 2012 sucessfully sell their homes as a short sale by negotiating with their lenders and in many cases, getting them cash back at closing from their bank. Our goal at East Bay Short Sale Group is to continue to offer practical and timely short sale solutions to homeowners living in the East Bay.”

Scott Fuller and his team of Castro Valley short sale specialists know there is more work to do. “We anticipate there are still many homeowners in Castro Valley and surrounding areas who are experiencing hardship and must make the difficult decision of whether to sell or not. We work to educate the homeowner and guide them through the short sale process” says Fuller.

When asked if lenders are still working with homeowners to approve short sales in the East Bay, Fuller explains “Absolutely. Although we expect the number of Notice of Defaults in Alameda and Contra Costa counties to continue to fall, banks generally prefer a short sale over foreclosure due to the higher net it will yield the investor of the loan. In fact, banks have continued to offer homeowner incentives to choose a short sale over a foreclosure, known as ‘Seller Relocation Assistance’.”

“We expect the number of Castro Valley short sales and sales in other East Bay areas to remain strong in 2013”, states Fuller. “With recent legislation extending the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act through the end of 2013, homeowners may still qualify for tax protection on a short sale. Those who are considering doing a short sale will want to consult with their CPA or tax preparer and close by the end of the year to take advantage of some of these benefits”.

The experienced Castro Valley short sale specialists at East Bay Short Sale Group are available for no-cost consultations to homeowners throughout the San Francisco East Bay are thinking about selling their home but owe more than it is worth. They can also be reached at (925)567-6720.

For more information on Castro Valley short sales to see some of our current listings for sale, visit our YouTube Channel

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