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Blackhawk CA Short Sale – Market Update for October 2012

by Scott Fuller on November 21, 2012
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Hi, everybody, Scott Fuller, from East Bay Short Sale Group.  We are your Blackhawk, California short sale specialist.  We just got some statistics in, wanted to give you a local market update for October 2012 for the community of Blackhawk.

Last year in October there were five new listings on the market.  This year in October there is actually 13 new listings.  That’s an increase of about 160%.  That’s not very well indicative of what’s going on in the East Bay because in most cities, the number of new homes listed for sale this October actually was quite less than last year. So Blackhawk, certainly, a lot more homes on the market this year, right now, than there were last year.

The median sales price last year in October was $937,000.  The median sales price this year in Blackhawk was $1,025,000.  So that’s an increase of about 10%. A 10% increase doesn’t mean that home prices went up 10%.  It just means that the average price of the home sold was at 10%, thus meaning more expensive homes were selling this year than they were last year.

The inventory of homes for sale, year-over-year last year was 44 properties for sale.  This year is 34 properties for sale. So even though there’s more homes on the market now than there were last year, new listings on the market. The inventory of homes for sale is actually down about 22% this year, which again is pretty indicative of the East Bay, of other cities and communities, where home prices have actually have crept up a little bit, inventory levels are down.

So, if you have any questions on doing a short sale in Blackhawk, or how much your home might be worth, we’d be happy to do a free consultation for you.  You can reach us at


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